Monday 2 July 2007

Viennese Melange: Roses. Parlament. Peonies. Coffee.

Rose Garden

Austrian Parlament
Vienna, Ringstrasse

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

"Schale Gold"
"A cup of gold"
The Viennese way to order a
Golden hued large coffee, served in a tea cup
Take that, Starbucks! :-)

This being a small world, after all,
I am happy to be able to offer you,
along with a Schale Gold,
delicious croissants,
fresh from Paris, via Carol's Paris Breakfasts!

Aren't we lucky?
Merci beaucoup, Carol! :-)


  1. Anonymous02 July, 2007

    A nice set of photos. I like all of them.

    Abraham Lincoln
    American Gold Finch—

  2. not sure just when
    i will make it to vienna,

    but i will not visit
    unless your addicting peonies
    are performing...


  3. Anonymous02 July, 2007

    Oh, does that Schale Gold look wonderful!

  4. Pretty melange!
    And thank you for the fresh croissants: "mon amoureux" did not have time enough to bring me some this morning ;-)

  5. The bottom picture has just made me realise I need a caffeine fix... better get me to the kicthen.

  6. Hi Merisi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that terrific comment.

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but the shot of the Schale Gold has converted me!

    It's really interesting that we both use a camera in much the same way, from the same angles and we are attracted by the same sights and subjects.

    Shall we add one another's sites to our respective blogrolls?



  7. Abraham Lincoln:
    Thank you, Abe!
    I visited your Gold Finch. :-)

    Peonies have a long season here, May through June. So, 2008, perchance? :-)

    And how fitting, that you are offering croissants today. I had to put a link (have you noticed that more than once we blogged either about the same theme - roses! - or compatible ones, even though from an ocean apart?).

    You are welcome, Marraine, to help help yourself to those goodies, if your delivery service fails! :-)

    Sometimes one does need a subtle reminder of one's needs, isn't it so? :-)

    david mcmahon:
    Welcome David and thanks for your comments and the link-offer. I will link you within the day. :-)

  8. Those roses are my favorite.

    Yes - my family lived back East off and on for about 25 years. Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. My husband and I lived in Pittsburgh for 8. Brandywine Valley, DE and Bucks County, PA are about my favorite places in the country. (Well - maybe not in the heat/humidity of summer. Seattle has its advantages. :-)

    It is wonderful to be able to visit - and then come back to the climate of the Pacific NW...

  9. Two of my greatest loves...peonies & coffee....thanks!!!!

  10. Maybe I'll start asking for a cup of gold when I buy coffee here.

    I love coffee -- but we have limited options in my neighborhood. Starbucks and one independently owned cafe, which has great food, but their coffee isn't so delicious. At least they usually have empty tables, so I can go write if so inclined.

    I miss elegant European cafes and I miss laid-back California coffee houses.

  11. Not back in Wien until September...but boy that SchaleGold is soooooo tempting right now!

    Thanks Merisi



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