Tuesday 3 July 2007

Merisi's Fall: Red Currant Meringue Pie

Scene I, take 1

Scene I, take 2

Scene 1, take 3

Scene 1, take 4

Scene 2, take 1
Ribiselschnitte, Espresso mit Milchhaube (milkfoam)
See the resignedly folded hands?
(That kid knows his mother well)

Scene 2, take 2
Ready. Go. Fast forward.

I had not planned it.
No dessert for me. No.

All I did was ask the always so helpful
mistress over at the Diglas cake vetrine,
to please plate a slice of that fabulous
Rote Ribiselschnitten mit Schneehaube,
they are tempting their guests with.

And tempting it is:
I mean, look at it!
Still, I resisted seduction.
Took my picture as planned.
Went back to my table.
Sat down. Easy.

Caring mother that I am,
I had to ask my son,
if by any chance he wanted
more dessert
(he already had eaten Apricot Dumplings).
No Key Lime pie, he asked?
I am so sorry, sweetie,
I replied,
the Ribiselschnitte mit Schneehaube
is the closest you can get to that Key Lime pie
filling, here in Vienna,
so far from any Key lime tree.

Lo and behold, he wanted a slice!
But only if I was going
to help him eat it
(understandably, what with the apricot dumplings!).

Oh, well, such is the way
of all things sweet:
If you resist temptation long enough,
they will force it on you.
In the name of motherly love,
you resign yourself
and pick up the fork.

It so happened at
Wollzeile 10
1st District

Please feel free to browse through
testimonials of previous visits to Diglas
by simply clicking here.
For the very brave:
You can enlarge all the images
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Please to so with care.
Temptation is lurking behind every single click. :-)

Rote Ribiselschnitten mit Schneehaube:
Austrian for red currant meringue sheet cake.


  1. Anonymous03 July, 2007

    Only one word ...


  2. Well, if you were forced...how could you say no to that??!!

  3. HMMM, it is almost breakfast time...I'd better not come over to Austria, I'd leave seeral stone heavier!

  4. I wouldn't be able to resist a dessert like that either!



  5. Anonymous04 July, 2007

    That pie looks amazing and delicious! How could you get your mouth around that topping???

  6. Carol:
    No bite? ;-)

    paris parfait:
    The sacrifice ... ;-)

    I am glad you can understand my gluttony. ;-)

    Yes, there's an extra serving for you! :-)

    my melange:
    Oh, that's easy: Austrians use a special Kuchengabel, a small fork to eat cakes with. Permits you to savour a cake with so much more grace, dainty little morsel by dainty little morsel. ;-)

  7. pg:
    Not if you walk as much as I do. ;-)

  8. That looks pretty amazing. I spent a couple of hours today in the clutches of a gargantuan red currant bush - picking a bag full to dry... Would love recipe for *that* though!

  9. Anonymous05 July, 2007

    I'd gladly fall face first into that delicious cake!

  10. Oh, stop it!! I'm so envious. I'm finally getting around to trying your Milchbrot this afternoon!

  11. You are living a good life.
    A dangerously good..... mmmmm...
    Good life!
    That is some CRAZY cake there!

  12. I'd too would like to dive into that Red Currant Meringue Pie!

  13. Do they have Treadmills at this cafe?

  14. Please send some redcurant merangue pie quick after checking my wrecked garden after the storm yesterday.


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