Wednesday 18 July 2007

Heat Wave Dress Code: White with Pink Ice Cream Cone

July 17th, 2007
7 pm
What to wear but White?

The perfect accessory?
Ice cream cone with pink ice cream,
of course!
(Sorry, Carol,
Pistachio simply is not worn
in Vienna these days)

You are asking why the photos
are all in miniature size?
Energy conservation measures?
Subzeroconscious ones?
Wished I could say
I dreamed of
Byzantine or Persian Miniature Paintings.
But no! It's the heat,
that caused my brain
to go into a sort of
lazy standby mode.
29 degrees Celsius at 10.30am,
does that to you,
worse, if following a hot night out.

Will be back with more
from last night's outing,
as soon as I find
enough ice cubes
to keep my brain from meltdown.

In the meantime,
please feel free,
to hang out on the porch,
listening to some good Jazz,
brought to you from Savannah, Georgia,
by Savmarshmama
(languidness expected.
Wear something White,
then the Mint Juleps will be on the house).


The images may be clicked on,
they are ready to do their magic
(there is a Harry Potter!
when you need him!)
and show off in all the brilliance
their mistress could master.



  1. Anonymous18 July, 2007

    Oh please Merisi, send some degrees up to me. Heavy rainclouds are covering Trondheim right now, and I am busy preparing for my parent's golden anniversary this week-end.

    I love your blog.

  2. Britt-Arnhild, I am pushing as hard as I can, blue sky and, with a pink bow, an extra ten degrees for you. Should be there by Friday afternoon, at the latest. :-)
    Thank you for your kind comments!

  3. we're having the same weather almost!, but the porch has a fan and the music is cool...and the drinks are ready!

  4. We're having the same weather as in winter!! Wet, wet, wet! But a little warm though...

    Yes, white is definitely for a heatwave.
    I enjoyed your last post very much too. Great photos!

    Your porch rocks!
    *hug* :-)

    Thank you, Cream. :-)
    So sorry about your rainy weather.
    (I cannot believe that I once was worried about moving to cooler zones, after having lived most of my live in Southern climates. VIENNA IS THE SOUTH, all we miss is maybe a couple crocs by the Danube river, and then again .... !. :-)

  6. Britt-Arnhild and cream can have all of our hot weather! I'll send " a special order of Jamaican heat" by Fed Ex to y them both immediately! :-)

    What could be cooler than a white dress with a pink ice cream cone? :-D

  7. ANN:
    I guess those two will
    be forever grateful for your care packages, and you hopefully a bit more comfortable, too! :-)

    What would be cooler than a white dress? Hm. I'll try it with the palest pink linen dress and a glass of chilled Lambrusco wine, in an hour or so, braving the brickoven heat, again (friends! You'd go to hell and back to see them, isn't it so? *g*).

  8. Hi Merisi, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments. I love your photojournalistic comments and photos on the weather. Cold ice cream and nice white clothing. A great combination on a hot day.
    Come visit again anytime.

  9. Yes in Savannah (where my daughter is), definitely languidness expected - and mint juleps, although I don't think it's caught on with her crowd. Love the photos of white clothes and pink ice cream. Hope it cools down soon. Lots of ice cubes - fill a stoneware mug and hold it against your temples and rub it on your wrists. It's hot here, but not that hot!

  10. Merisi, send some of your heat to me but not 29 degrees. We have just been told that our weather is not likely to improve for the rest of the month. There is a large area of low pressure tht has beenm sitting over the UK for ages.
    My garden , at least the deciduious stuff will recover in the Spring buit I will have to wait and see what happens to the evergreen leaves.

  11. Anonymous19 July, 2007

    Love all the white. Sorry it's so darn hot! Here too. A mint julep toast to you ma'dear!

  12. That is a funny/terrible picture of the pink ice cream eater.
    I will sue you if you ever get me that way!
    That picture tells too,too much!

  13. Oh, how I wish I could wear white... but I spill.

    (ice cream? me? walking? white dress? wouldn't even begin to end happily.)

    It's stifling hot here, too. In fact, I'm wearing the exact same shorts as the clarinetist in your pink post, even though I normally don't deign, dah-ling, to wear shorts in public. Today, I made an exception.


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