Tuesday 17 July 2007

Going South: Trani - Cathedral by the Sea

Vienna - Trani
1364.39 km


  1. Anonymous17 July, 2007

    How serene and beautiful.
    This looks so much alike, and at the same time so different from the Italy I know.

    How lucky you are to be able to drive down there. We are driving south west in Norway in August and must drive almost this same distance to visit my father in law. Norway is a looooong country.

  2. There are places of the heart, and this is one for me and was the only place I definitely wanted to see on our journey to the Mezzogiorno. I had been there before, and that Cathedral by the sea had burned itself into my memory. It is an incredible sight. I am so glad we made it down there. The Adriatic coast spots so many beautiful sights and port towns, I shall never get tired of it. :-)
    Austria is really short, compared to your country, I guess for the distance you have to travel, I could ride all the way to the West here and back and still have miles left. *smile*

  3. oooh...palm trees,
    at least i have those.

    church seems extra holy there
    against the blue sky.
    i wonder,
    can you walk up the cathedral tower?

    what a dream trip to drive there!


  4. I am looking and looking for the TRIPLE GELATO CONES!???

  5. Places I would like to visit!

  6. Nonostante le nuvole, c'è una luce incredibile. Le pietre della Puglia rischiarano l'animo.

  7. somepinkflowers:
    I do not know if one can walk up the tower, next time I will ask.
    There's so much to see in and around this beautiful example of a Romanesque church (built over a hundred years, from 1150 to 1250). You can also visit a "lower church", dating back to the seventh century, and the Crypt of St. Nicholas the Pilgrim from about 1100, both under the Cathedral.

    The drive there, yes, this is one trip where the drive alone would be enough, so much beauty!

  8. ParisBreakfasts:
    The TRIPLE GELATO CONE is gone! I ate it. :-(

    Kate, the Adriatic Coast, all the way to Apulia, and especially Apulia, is a trip of a lifetime. I feel blessed having been to the Apulia area many times, the first years thank to work related travel. I fell in love then, and never out of it, with those magic places by the sea.

    True. :-)

  9. Luc:
    Si, era come se le nuvele fossero miglaia di specchi ad aumentare la brillianza della luce. E quelle pietre certamento sono riusciute ad incantare la sottoscritta. :-)

  10. Stunning photos. I can tell I need another visit soon.

  11. Lovely photos. I imagine all the white stone work must look stunning in the sun and maybe also hard on the eyes.
    The flowers in previous post stunning too.

  12. What a lovely town.

    (Somehow it reminds me of my imagined Citigazze from Philip Pullman's books.)

    I love that I can visit Vienna and Italy in your blog.

  13. Don't you just wonder, after you come back home after a trip to a place like this, did I go there? does this place really exist or did I make it up during the siesta?


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