Wednesday 27 June 2007

Sunday in the Park: Belvedere Gardens

Main Gate of the Upper Belvedere
Leading to the South Facade of the Palace

South Facade of the Baroque Palace of the Upper Belvedere
Built 1721 - 1723

Reflecting pool
Upper Belvedere Park

Court architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt
built the two Belvedere Palaces as the summer residence
of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Belvedere Palace
Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27
Third District


  1. What a grand place, Merisi.
    I love that mixture of flowers. It looks like a garland!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous27 June, 2007

    You must take me there if, I mean when, I come to Wien.

  3. Anonymous27 June, 2007

    I love the cherubs...

  4. now...
    when did you take a snap
    of my front yard?


    OK, i lied...

    but it is all so spring-like THERE
    and we are in summer heat HERE
    with flowers running away shouting,
    "we have had enough!"

    once agian,
    i thank you for sharing...


  5. Merisi, this is absolutely stunning!!!!!
    Loved it

  6. gsh, isn't it formal? Where are all the little cottage gardens?

  7. wonderful pics! I would like nothing better than to be sitting there sketching those sculptures. They really seem to stand out against the blue sky. And that tree is quite a character, too.

  8. Only a short hello and thank you to all of you for visiting and leaving all those kind comments. I am very short on time for play, but wanted to add a link to photos of the Belvedere that I took on earlier occasions: click here, please.
    Best wishes to all of you,

  9. Very colourful! Just a little cumulus in the sky.

  10. Anonymous28 June, 2007

    those gates are some of the nicest photos you have taken!! Well. at least I mean to say they are my favorite! I love lions.


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