Monday 25 June 2007

Blue Flowers from a Viennese Alpine Garden

Blue Dragonfly

Alpine Garden
Belvedere Palace

Vienna, Third District

More flowers from this garden are
blooming here.


  1. 3rd one - what do you call that...never seen that shade or flower.

    Lovely blues....!!

  2. Lovely set of photos and the one of the two bumble bees is brilliant! When are you coming to Florence???

  3. hope you don't mind, Merisi,
    you were the motivation
    for my blog today...

    hope you enjoy my posting,
    and thanks so much
    for the inspiration!


  4. Such refreshing shades of blue.

  5. Lovely blues!
    Is that a bit of sun I see?
    You are lucky! ;o)

  6. Hello Merisi, thanks for leaving the kind words about Rita on my blog. very nice. I know that I left a comment here before (months ago, I think), but try as I may, i couldn't find it. I meant to bookmark this here blog and your very cool pictures and now I did and I even linked you.

    These pics are great, especially the one with the bees. I love 'em. I still have that childlike wonder whenever I see them and will stop and watch until they buzz off.

    Will be back for more Vienna pics.

  7. Bendtherulz: said...
    The 3rd one:
    I do not know this one either, I tried to find the name via google, but I gave up after a dozen or so pages. I will let you know, ok?

    I shot several pictures of the bumble bees, unfortunately only today did I finally read the instructions booklet re macro photography. ;-) I hope to get back to the garden soon!
    Florence in about 2 weeks, around the second weekend of July, if everything goes well.

    Not mind? I feel very honored!
    And lucky too, because I got to look up in St. Augustine, one of my favorite cities in the USA. Thank you so much, your posting is truly welcome. :-)

    Not having Virginia Blue Bells anymore, I had to look for other blooms. ;-)

    Besides the terrible thunderstorm last Thursday, so far we have had a great spring with summer-like temperatures, and midsummer up til today was sunny too. Today clouds and cooler temperatures, but the sun came by towards evening.

    Welcome back and thank you for the kind comments and for the link!
    The little alpine garden is really fascinating, a treasure trove of plants and small creatures. I have to go back there soon.

  8. LOVE the cornflower blue with dark greens!!
    OK so it isn't a cornflower..but you know what I mean :)

  9. Anonymous27 June, 2007

    Blue flowers are my all time favorites. A lovely walk.

  10. Anonymous14 July, 2007

    hello, merisi,

    i do enjoy the pics as well, especially as i'm very fond of the area where you shot them.

    @Bendtherulz, try googling with "eryngium" for the 3rd one (that with the bees)

    cu, brigitte

  11. Thansk Merisi for updation.
    Thanks Brigitte - I did and it was amazing. Shukriya - Thanks once again !

  12. Anonymous19 July, 2007


  13. Lambs ears! I do love that plant. It looks so pretty in a bouquet with delicate textures like Californian poppies or delphiniums. Gorgeous, thanks for making my morning sing with prettiness!


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