Tuesday 19 June 2007

Last Rays Before Dusk in the Rose Garden

Rose Garden, Volkspark


  1. That rose garden is much too "regimented" for my taste! I prefer a garden to be more "wild"!
    Lovely pictures again!

  2. Sure, it's regimented, it was the Emperor's! Still, I do love it, and not only because it belongs to the taxpayers now. ;-)

  3. Anonymous19 June, 2007


  4. It's amazing how much the colours change just before dusk.

  5. Anonymous20 June, 2007

    Very beauteous post..but I thought you were going to say, the last rays of Summer..I started to have all sorts of thoughts :(

  6. i like how you use other objects
    (chairs, trees, people)
    in the background
    to feature the roses
    with leading lines, framing,
    balance and so on...

    this is only one reason
    why your floral close-ups
    are so striking...

    but you knew that!


  7. Carol:
    Thank you, so are your roses! :-)

    The light turns warmer and translucent, I like to walk into the Blue Hour in Vienna.

    Paris Rose:
    Oh no, we want to live in the moment, don't we? :-) I was going to write "the last rays of the sun". Maybe I should correct it.

    Thank you. :-)

    Walking by a postcard rack at the airport yesterday, I noticed once again how many beautiful, perfectly executed images of roses one can see daily, even on a 30 cents postcard, way above what I could ever compete with. What I try to capture, as far as my small camera and my time and skills allow, are glimpses of Viennese life and moments in time I encounter while living here.

    I walk through it frequently, getting off the tram at the Burgtheater entrance of the Volksgarten, to cross the rose garden towards the inner city or viceversa). I have come to love not only the change of seasons there, but also the way the Viennese seem to "own" and use these gardens as if they were their extended living rooms. Maalie is right, it is indeed a very regimented garden, but the way it's being used and lived in by the Viennese, and tourists too, gives it soul, and I try to express this "soul" by putting the roses in context.

  8. oh the angle of the second one is wonderful! And I like very much the way you include what's around the roses!

  9. hi merisi I taked a picture of rose...I'll post this one for you when I'll come back from Sardinia...

  10. Anonymous20 June, 2007

    Oh my....Honestly I can smell them from here....they put by beauties to shame! I love all the different pastel colors.

  11. Lovely/ amazing/ beautiful/ whow and here words failed me...as I took a deep breath....!

    Love you for showing these.... :-)

    Tk care ~

  12. Merisi, I was referring in particular to the top picture where the rose tees are plant in very straight rows.

  13. I could spend an entire day here, among these roses, and not be bored for a minute.


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