Sunday 17 June 2007

Window Shopping: Augarten's "Viennese Rose"

Saturday Evening window shopping
at the Augarten store close to St. Stephan's,

The Viennese Rose with green border, framed by buds and scattered leaves, is one of Augarten's most popular motifs of the "Viennese Flowers" series, dating to 1924.

"Augarten porcelain is world-famous for its delicate and graceful shape, its clean lines and exquisite details. Combining sophisticated craftsmanship, artistic design and the latest technical equipment, Augarten uniquely blends time-honoured tradition with a contemporary approach to art. The finest porcelain is still produced and painted by hand in our manufactory at Augarten castle just as it has always been."
(Quoted from the Augarten porcelain website.)


  1. Aaahhhhh.... Those roses are beautiful.

  2. I had already packed in my camera, when I spotted the newly decorated windows at Augarten's. Unfortunately, these photos are only a poor reflection of the eye candy those windows really are (the photos can be enlarged by clicking them on, btw).

  3. Anonymous18 June, 2007

    Oh, your photos are out of this world.....

    I love them all. And I love the rose china on the piano. I plan to start collection rose china.....

  4. My favorite flower, by far.
    I fell in love with roses when I visited Butchart Gardens, in Victoria, B.C. [Canada]. Spent hours in the rose gardens, marveling at their beauty.
    And these photos here, well, they are seriously gorgeous!

  5. The tea cups and roses have an air of delicacy about them.

  6. Oh did this so very, very was such a pleasure and a treat....

  7. Attractive windows and beautiful reflections.

  8. Anonymous19 June, 2007

    So so pretty! I love these pictures.

  9. These are all lovely but that top photo has a particularly vintage feel to it.

  10. Pictures n° 8, 9 and 10... I love them! So beautiful, Merisi!

  11. Really lovely photos and flowers!


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