Monday 21 May 2007

Wiener Kaffeejause - Viennese Coffee Break

Kleiner Brauner mit Milchschaum
Single Espresso with milk foam
and a heavenly tasting sample
of Zuckerbäckerkunst, called "Fragilité",
from the "Kleine Naschereien" corner.
K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker Demel

Kleine Naschereien
Yiddish nosherei: snack or tidbits
I am tempted to translate
"Little temptations" :-)

with a slice of nougat dotted Gugelhupf

Café Markusplatz

what may I serve you?

For a little tour of either
Café Markusplatz or Demel,
click on the underlined words,
and you will be instantly transported there.


  1. You are making me HUNGRY! And I am in dire need for some coffee anyway...

  2. Oh, you poor sweetheart,
    I hope they got something decent down there at the Campus!
    Both were memorable coffee experiences, feel like reciting Proust. :-)

  3. I surfed into your blog a few days back but didn't have time to really dig in and look around. What an elegant and cultured place you share with the world through your blog. It stands in stark contrast to the place I currently inhabit and makes me long for the accoutrements of civilization and culture!

  4. This coffee experience is far more sophisticated than the place I usually patronize. Lots of class!

  5. Anonymous22 May, 2007

    Alright, thats it! I can't take it anymore. When is a good month to visit you? Mmmm, ok, seriously, how often do you go to that coffee house?? We went to a few like that in Spain and it was heaven, except that my husband ryan always order Champagne and not coffee. He's so posh. ^_-

  6. Austrian Cafes look always so nice, so "gemütlich"... I like these pictures!

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments, I shall be back later in the day to answer the questions (sara, yours will take some soul searching here, or Demel receipts *chuckle*).

  8. But, you know what: at the moment, I hesitate between a piece of cake with an Austrian coffee or a "Rotes Gespritz" ;-)


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