Sunday 20 May 2007

À la recherche du temps perdu

Actually, I am right now
"In Search of the Missing Link":
Somehow, somewhere,
the link to the comments window
went AWOL.
I had not been tempering with the template,
it simply disappeared.

Unfortunately, I have to run now,
and join some friends for
Breakfast at Demel's
(oh yes, no choice, life is tough,
but Tiffany's next door closed Sundays

If any of you have seen the comments link,
please tell the madcapper,
Thank you.
Have a great Sunday!

E Buon compleanno a te!


  1. Anonymous20 May, 2007

    The link is back :-)
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Those watches have a classical beauty. Last year I went to the Greenwich Observatory in London (at the Zero meridian of Greenwich Mean Time) and saw the wonderful chronometers made my John Harrison

  3. I think blogger has been fooling around with the comment section. I noticed that sometimes this automatically happens when "they" post your comment after you have previewed it. I found the culprit. On the lower left side, click on the "post options" section and there are three options for comments; allow, do not allow and one other; just go back and click on the "allow" dot. I'll check back later to see if you found it. Love both the clocks and the roses!!

  4. Marcel Proust would've been proud to have had that photo on the cover of his famous book...

    Yes, while I was at Demel's, the link showed up again. :-)
    (Yesterday, you caught me having this view, when looking up, while sipping a glass of wine. ;-)

    Welcome back, YRH! :-)
    Will check out your link, thank you.

    In the future, I will faul blogger right away! Thank you for the tip, I had checked the comment options boxes (and I got only two, btw), there was nothing wrong there.

    Thank you, you are very generous (imagine, the digital images Proust could have come up with, from his bedside *g*). Wouldn't it be a challenge, to come up with images to tell his story in pictures? *oh dear*

  6. grazie, grazie mille veramente per gli auguri. a questo punto si fa finta di niente, per via delle primavere, che non son poche. ma gli amici con il loro affetto ci ricordano che è un giorno speciale. Ed oggi lo è stato, nella sua semplicità. Sveglia tardi che è domenica. Poi al mare per un paio d'ore. Colore verde acquamarina e vento fresco. Una vera meraviglia. Pranzo in famiglia come ci avevano chiesto i figli. Piccola uscita pomeridiana. Poi a casa verso le 18:00. telefonate di auguri, amici in visita. Poi con calma mi son fatto il regalo di disegnarmi il mese di maggio sul mio personale calendario, che domani pubblicherò.
    Grazie ancora anche a Te !!! :-))

  7. yesterday there was no link to any of the comments...and while posting message on this - I was not able to publish the same...he he he.....

    I am glad sunday was spent with friends....! Roses are lovely !
    So whats up on Monday !!!

  8. LUC:
    I am so happy for you that your birthday fell on a Sunday this year, making the "Pranzo in famiglia" possible (is the best way to celebrate, isn't it?). May I envy you a little for the hours spent by the seaside?

    I am so sorry about the comments massaker. I hope they stay with us now. :-)
    Monday? Like the good girl I am, I have been sitting at my desk since 6.30 and done some concentrated writing, and shall continue throughout the day. ;-)
    Before that, I've tried to post a new blog, but blogger didn't keep its promise to save drafts, by the time I was ready to publish, the whole sheebang was gone. Well, will try again tonight. :-)

  9. Anonymous22 May, 2007

    Merisi, where did you get that watch photo? Did you take it? My brother collects time pieces and watches. Lovely flower picture, roses?

  10. I took that watch photo somewhere on the run, but I could figure out where, if you are interested, let me know, please (btw, all the photos on this blog are my own, hardly ever do I use somebody else's, and then only with permission and due credit).

    Those are roses, hanging over a fence in my neighborhood. The sun was setting, and the light extraordinary beautiful.

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