Monday 7 May 2007

Saturday's Reflections

Hotel Sacher entrance

Sacher shop window

When he grows up,
he too
can become a Mint Julep cup!
In the meantime,
he's dreaming of Kentucky Derby Day!

Smile, Charles!
What's the matter
with those Green-blooded Royals
from the glen bogs,
I ask?

Café Bräunerhof*
The Kaffeehaus Thomas Bernhard* loved to hate
(still haven't had coffee there myself,
too busy flanieren

The Sacher coffee cup
Haven't had coffee there, either.
Ah, the pressure!
Should I pay a visit
to Dr. Freud in Berggasse?

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
They won the Crawfish Tramezzino Derby
Claws down
and their tulips were,
once again,
best in show.
I always linger
too long there,
one of the reasons, I don't get over
to the Bräunerhof before closing time*.
They other one I can't tell you
. *whispering*)

* Asterisk = You are invited to click!


  1. These first two pics are so beautiful that I am falling over in my seat!!!

  2. May I see a pictures of this? (Pleeese, my imagination can't keep up with yours *grin*)

  3. Anonymous07 May, 2007

    Fabulous photos!

  4. Anonymous07 May, 2007

    May be these cafes are waiting till I copme down and we can visit together ;-)

  5. Is this the frog which has prior claim on May Rose....!!


  6. As always your photos are fabulous!!! Love the mix of architecture and nature

  7. BECCA:
    Thank you. This city makes it an easy task.

    Thank you, I must confess they are my passion (them, and a couple other things). ;-)

    I can only warn you, so far none of my many visitors has had coffee there with me (as much as they initially had wanted to *chuckle*). I am a real terror as far as being willing to bend myself to enter certain establishments. *honestly* I can give you the list of places I am more than willing to spend time in, though. All others I treat like the Romans St. Peter's. ;-)

    Well, I sorta like to think I collect frogs who croak for a rose, or two. *grin*

    Thank you.
    I spent two hours in the late afternoon on the Island between the Danube and the Danube channel, and I was thinking to myself, that I really love nature (which is many-faceted there) and architecture (I love the contrast between nature and man made buildings, if they are well designed. I shot about 250 photos to select from, for one of my next blog posts (swans included).

  8. wow, wow, wow!

    i ned to give mr savannah your site, so he can see why we NEED to go to vienna!

  9. I like this first picture... it's like a dream, or like a ghost...

    Excellent idea, good luck! *smile*

    Here is another image with Poseidon more in focus (this is the entrance to the Hotel Sacher).

  11. Anonymous10 May, 2007

    Fantastic photos!


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