Sunday 6 May 2007

Saturday Life in the City

I am so proud, I stopped him,
and asked if I could take a picture.
Yes, he said, and smiled.
I love D'Artagnan!

Art on high!

No way would I try to stop this gentleman!
Too much in a hurry.

Sweet lady, a true professional:
Held her pose while i fumbled with my camera!

The fine art of finding a privy place
to read and contemplate
amidst the hustle and bustle of a town festival.

One more encore!

Concentrating before taking to the key board.

Who said real ladies can't have fun?

Front row view from Schwarzen Kameel.

6 pm.
The churchbells are ringing
and the first raindrops falling.
Time to pack up.


  1. Great series of photos, they really made me feel as if I were there with you! Thanks for a nice afternoon!

  2. Anonymous06 May, 2007

    How charming. I love the way you capture every moment.

  3. What a totally delightful post....thanks for taking me with you....

  4. ILVA:
    You're welcome.
    I had been bogged down at the desk too long, and really needed the stroll.
    Thank you in the name of the city.
    The camera is only reflecting what this city offers.
    I am happy to take you all along. :-)

  5. My kind of lazy afternoon... Strolling, people watching...

  6. Lovely to catch up on the new postings, beautiful pictures and witty captions. I love the frog!

  7. CREAM:
    I had a planned meeting and a couple errands to run, and then I decided I let myself drift, after all I had worked hard all week. In between I stopped at Demel's and Schwarzen Kameel, which all together made for a perfect little afternoon. ;-)

    Thank you and welcome back (I shall run over to your place shortly)! The frog wasn't bad, but he refused to smile or sing. *sigh*

  8. Another interesting post capturing the atmosphere.

  9. So lovely, Merisi. What a lovely afternoon.


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