Saturday 26 May 2007

Concert for Europe at Schönbrunn Park II

The real reason why my daughter waved at me with such enthusiasm:
Ex-President Bill Clinton was chatting on the balcony
of Schönnbrunn Palace, right above our meeting place.

A view steps down from their boss,
these gentlemen kept a watchful eye on the music lovers,
who happened upon the scene. ;-)

The cry to "Never hide" your Ray-Bans
was faithfully followed.

A rare treat:
Walking through the main entrance
to the palace's "backyard"
(with the Gloriette **, in the background).

A look back at Schönbrunn Palace.

When the Viennese go out to listen to an outdoors concert,
they turn even Palace gardens into a Ballpark,
but only until the moment the conductor raises the baton.

This vendor's tray is loaded with
Swedish (click here ** for the rest of the letters),
a confection that tastes like very soft marshmellows,
dunked in chocolate, some rolled in coconut flakes.

The concert stage

Ex-President Bill Clinton, getting ready
to receive a one-million-dollar check
from Gery Kessler, organizer of the Life Ball,
a Viennese event created to raise money to fight AIDS.

The Gloriette.

P.S. on Monday, May 28:
On Catharina's blog,
This Window **
you'll find her ** post about the same evening.
(And no, we did not coordinate our posts,
it just so happened).

** (click on the underlined words)


  1. Top photo: When enlarged, it REALLY is Bill Clinton! Must have been a great concert; your photos are descriptive of the event.

  2. You didn't think I was kidding, did you, Kate? *smile*


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