Sunday 27 May 2007

16th District Farmer's Market at Yppenplatz

I love this market.
It's open Monday through Saturday,
everybody knows it as "Brunnenmarkt".
On Saturdays there's the added attraction
of the farmer's market on the adjacent Yppenplatz.
I have posted about this place before:
Last October, here, here, and here, and in November.


  1. I love all those beautiful flowers and colours and the faces!

  2. Oh those foxgloves are sooo beautiful and I've never seen so many peonies before.
    I can't gush enough - they are just so, so beautiful!

  3. All these flowers! "pivoines" are ones of my favorite... How do you call them in english?

  4. Yes, I like the foxgloves too!

  5. Ilva:
    Besides the flowers (and the vegetables, I'll load them up next *g*), I love the people there. Hardworking small farmers, they are really welcoming and friendly. It is like visiting old friends, while you shop.

    I was surprised myself by the sheer abundance of peonies, and since they are my favorite flowers, I took home an armful. ;-)

    delphine r2m:
    They are called peony or paeony (Paeonia), and I share your enthusiasm for them!

    I was surprised that the foxgloves were already blooming. Everthing's weeks early this year.

    Thank you all for your comments! :-)

  6. Beautiful market and flowers.

  7. Anonymous28 May, 2007

    Wow, even the cloths the workers are wearing, and the colours of the bikes.......perfect!

  8. All these flowers are just gorgeous! I can smell the perfume!
    Thanks for such a beauty!

  9. Thank you for challenging my memory. Because of that I felt compelled to come to your beautiful Vienna blog.

    Now to explore your blog further. Don't go my blog today, it's not working. It should be better tomorrow.

  10. One thing I that is sinking home to me is the candid, human interest shots you take with your camera. They really are amazing. I was wondering if you've made a post about your camera equipment? You must have had a telephoto to capture Clinton the way you did yesterday.

  11. Fabulous, stunning post!!!!!!!
    Love love love this!!!!!!
    Thanks for this inspiration!!

  12. jeanne:
    Thank you!

    Yes, I found it striking, how all those colours coordinated (as if by some innate sense of beauty, which maybe it is). Did you notice that there were peonies even in the bike basket? (I could have shot a series of photos with peonies in shopping baskets).

    Sonia A. Mascaro;
    You are welcome, thank you, I feel so lucky, being able to share these beautiful moments.

    Tom Kidd:
    You are welcome, and thank you! :-)

    c'est moi:
    My camera equipment?
    A small SONY CYBER-SHOT, 5.1 Mega Pixels, with only 3x optical zoom (Zeiss lens). While I sometimes wished to have more optical zoom, photographing Bill Clinton was a question of sheer luck, he appeared right in front of my little lens (next to me happened to shoot a professional photographer, with a mega-lens, I would have loved to get the same close-ups as him *smile*).
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Secret Service kept a file on me, what with me having had close encounters with BC more than once. :-)
    The Clinton photo illustrates the oustanding quality of pictures taken in low-light conditions (I shot this photo after the "blue hour" series in Schönbrunn Park. It was around 8.30 pm, at the moment the sun disappeared behind the side buildings of the palace).

  13. @ Simon:
    Great smile back, thank you!

  14. What magnificent photos - both of the flowers and the people! Just stunning.

  15. Lovely pics....I was fortunate to see the farmers market in US - it was amazing experience. To add on I loved that pic of lady with flowers and flowers are amazing.

  16. It's utterly enchanting. The flowers!

  17. This is a place I want to see. Please, please, take me there now. I seriously think about planting flowers in every pot available. They are so expensive to buy over here. Probably because they are mainly imported from Holland...
    Beautiful, beautiful...


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