Tuesday 17 April 2007

Viennese Spring Potpourri

Today, in the 13th District
All I needed to do, was turning on my heels,
and continue pointing the camera
in all directions of the sky, again and again.
And no, these are not yet all the blooms I photographed
. ;-)


  1. This is a fantasy right?
    Why am I sitting here in 3 layers + a muffler and this is INDOORS!
    Too beautiful...

  2. No, this is not right at all, I agree! One of my great worries when I moved was the unpredictable weather here, what with those wonderful springs in Washington DC! Hard to believe, this year.
    I remember one year when I was in NY this same April weekend, and the pear trees up Fifth Avenue, at the Plaza Hotel, were blooming (whilst in Washington, they had bloomed 2 weeks earlier). So this year is really crazy. I wish you better weather soon!

  3. Hi Merisi, Lilacs... I love their parfume so much! Just by looking at your pics I feel like smelling it :)


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