Tuesday 17 April 2007

Viennese Spring Potpourri II


  1. Good eyes you have to catch these pictures.

    Good contrast. A single yellow among all reds gives a nice picture.

  2. what a feast for the eyes! everything looks SO abundant, full of life!

    I love the close ups of the spring!

  3. You have really caught the srping feeling in those photos, I really like the top one a lot!

  4. ma di quanto è avanti la primavera ques'anno lì a Vienna? Qui oggi sembra una mattinata di metà/fine maggio e l'altro ieri dopo una mattinata bellissima il pomeriggio ha si è rannuvolato velocemente ed ha fatto un megatemporale come nei pomeriggi di agosto !!
    Speriamo che l'estate non sia terribile :-(

  5. Can you believe that we woke up to more snow today. I think I'm cathing the first plane down to Wien.

  6. Having only seen Vienna in the winter it is wonderful to see it alive with colour in the spring.

    Thank you

    Cherry xx

  7. Cuckoo:
    Thank you!
    I felt really blessed, standing in the midst of all this beauty.

    Yes, feast it is. And with every light chance, a new feast begins.

    Thank you.
    Yes, the top one exposes that sun-drenched noon hour very well.
    <Note to the readers: Ilva's blog is simply bellissimo, click here for it, but be warned, it may you fill with colours and warmth, but you may get hungry, too! :-)

    I have tried to compare my pictures from last spring, we must be about 2 weeks ahead. I enjoy it, we've had nothing but great weather since last summer. No thunderstorms here yet, though!

    Yes, get on that plane!
    Last April, it was still snowing the first weeks here in Vienna too!

    I haven't you promised too much, I am glad you agree! :-)


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