Saturday 21 April 2007

The Venice Effect

Scientists are genuinely puzzled by this strange phenomenon.
(I say: It must be Saturday!)


(Yes, we now offer magic tricks!)


  1. I had to stand on my head to look at the photos. It was worth it!

  2. Hi! I found you over at Gypsy's. I am so enjoying your photos of Venice. My daughter was there last year. What a magical place.

  3. LOL, I turned the screen upside down :-)

    I'm home alone tonight and dreaming of Venice......

  4. seriously had me confused for a second, sugar!
    (thanks for stopping by and leaving all the good words *hugs*)

  5. Cream
    I'm told standing on your head helps clear your thoughts. :-)
    Merci for the visit!

    You are so welcome, Annie!
    Makes me happy sharing the joy in those magic moments.

    Very clever! *smile*
    I share your dream of Venice, that city really casts a spell.

    Easy smiling for you, what with having one up on us: you're standing on your head already, down under. :-)))

    You're welcome, I love to visit Savannah! :-)
    Thank you for that nice reaction.
    Makes me smile and helps my self-esteem, 'cause my kids always tell me I'm not funny at all. *smile*

  6. Merisi, I had a thought for your post yesterday, while walking in the parisian Marais, in the Galerie Sentou shop window (this here famous design store), appeared pink flowers with heads down, I have to take a picture next time if they are always there!


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