Friday 20 April 2007

Venetian Windows


  1. Absolutely stunning. And so different from my Burano windows:-)

    I MUST go back to Venice. I am starting a dream to go back in December to celebrate St.Lucia the 13th. One can always dream......

  2. I love the lemons (?) hanging!

  3. I just had to tell you how much I am thoroughly enjoying your photos!They are absolutely stunning and take me right back to Venice.

  4. These are stunning. The juxtaposition of colors that you capture, it ALWAYS makes me say, "I want to be there, and see that with my retina!"
    Every shot is gorgeous, but my favorite might be the second last, the yellows and brown. It is so bass rather than treble. So rich. Lovely.
    -- Cip

  5. Merisi-
    Those windows are amazing, such wonderful pictures. I shall see if they have any that are similar in Florence when we visit in May.

    Cherry xx

  6. A big thank you for all your comments! Britt Arnhild, I enjoy your views of Venice immensely! Four eyes see more, and two pairs spy different things, it' so wunderful we got to be there at the same time! And yes, Simon, those are lemons. I love to stroll cities and discover those little everyday beauties. keri, this is wonderful, that I can share my joy with you. Welcome! Cipriano, I am always stunned about beauty that can turn up anywhere, but escpecially in Italy. For me it tells of thousands of years of accumulated inner sense of beauty. Cherry, I am so lucky forward to your pictures from Florence. I am sure you, with that discerning eye of yours, will discover many beautiful glimpses of life and art in Florence. Can't wait for your feedback!


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