Sunday 11 March 2007

Vienna: Spring Has Settled In.

Meinl Building Parapet Figures
Am Graben


Hollmann Salon

Riedel glass,
with rooster, calling his flock.

Rain or Shine
Am Graben

Icecream to go
Haas Haus at St. Stephen's Square

Restaurant Menue
Leaving Schönlaterngasse towards Heiligenkreuzerhof
(click on the underlined words for more pictures)

Spring has sprung here in Vienna,
luring the Viennese out to play,
and the outdoor cafés to open one by one,
like spring flowers,
eager to bloom.
Even April-like showers do not keep
the Viennese from enjoying the outdoors.

I took the pictures yesterday afternoon,
walking through sun and sudden spring torrents,
clouds moving in and out,
and the sun pushing through again and again,
at last casting the city in a golden evening hue.


  1. I love that green door. Springtime in Vienna. I want to be there.

  2. thank you for stopping by..your pictures are breathtaking! so glad you did...vienna is also one of the places i'd love to visit!

    the little joke i made on my blog (wasn't sure if you'd go back to see if i'd answered...) was a parody/take off on the "maltese falcon" made on the tv show "get smart"

  3. Spring has found you too! :)
    I love the photo of the cafe flower box, magical!

  4. I love watching for signs of spring.
    I have these blue flowers on my livingroom table right now. I love the colour.

  5. looks like spring has sprung in Europe for sure!

  6. Hooray for spring! And how many places have you experienced spring IN? (You can reference so many geographical locations!)

  7. @ andrea:
    There are more of these kind of doors at the Heiligenkreuzerhof (more pictures of this beautiful courtyard, not far from St. Stephen's cathedral, here). I like them all (and not last the piece and quiet one feels in there).

    @ savannah:
    Welcome, and thank you such much!
    I'll have to go back to your site too, see if now I can put 2 and 2 together. ;-)

    @ kathleen:
    Yes, and so early, I love it! How's the season turning out on your side of the planet?

    @ britt arnhild:
    I love that colour too.
    Enjoy your flowers, may they last a long time!

    @ simon:
    It's so unbelievably beautiful, every time I go out of doors, I am smitten.

    @ tic:
    I agree with you, whole heartedly!
    Hope you've seen the last of snow also. Places I have experienced spring in? Dear Tara, you really wanna know? I shall have to come back to this subject once I have done some of the day's work though, there's a flood of memories ... hard to stop it. ;-)

    May I just mention to fellow bloggers who haven't yet given in and switched to the new system:
    After having switched, somehow expecting this would be "new and improved" for the user, I feel utterly disappointed. I have to log in every time I want to post (even though I religiosly click on the "remember me" button), I cannot load more than a single pictures at a time (every time this past week I tried to load more than one, the screen went into "off" mode, what a waste of time!), every time I log on I get repetetive questions (being offered again and again to switch to the "new" system makes me wonder if they want to drive me out of my wits *g*), just to mention a few of the "new" quirks. Not to talk about the fact that the blog search engine now doesn't give me the url of the requested post anymore - if I want the url, I go now to google directly (if you want to search my blog, better go to google also, adding +merisi, which gives you usually a few correct hits).

    My impression is, this whole "new" was only ment from a point of view of the Blogger Kingdom, there are all kind of wizards now working in the background in connection with my gmail that I consider an invasion of privacy.
    Having to put in username and password plus word verification (two times and more seems the rule), when I comment on my own blog, adds insult to injury.

    So, does anybody out there love the "new" system?

  8. I love the new system !
    Seems to be faster and easier over here..
    Hey you've got Spring so don't complain!

  9. Dear Paris Carol,
    could it be that Blogger likes Paris better than Vienna? ;-)))

    Seriously, I didn't mean to complain, just state my experience. Honestly, I find it really annoying that it takes me several attempts to load the pictures for one post (spreads out over the day, because I get it started, then somehow the system clogs, I abandon the project - little work on the side, you know *g* -, come back, three four times a day, just not efficient in my book).

    And now, golden silence on this matter. :-) Let's enjoy spring!

  10. lol...loved the comments and your complaints as much as pics...!
    Just hold on hang in there...may be too many bloggers thats why jam session ...I sincerely hope it gets better.

    Yeah Spring is here.....! I am loving the days !!


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