Monday 12 March 2007

Blue Hour in the Vienna Woods

(As always, click on the images to enlarge them.)


  1. the "texture" of the light is shifting!

  2. Beautiful images.
    I love the second one, best.
    So wispy and fragile.

  3. I loved the 2nd one / 3rd one and the 4th one as well...I can't believe I left 1st and

    Such lovely sky and clouds...!

    Saying byeee for the weekend right now. Leaving for Jaipur tomorrow and then this weekend going to Osiyan near Jodhpur ( its very small village famous for people who are world famous for saving their trees and animals. No cutting or killing.
    Let me know if you want some desert sand and sunshine!!

  4. Beautiful, just plain beautiful... each one of them. Though the last one is become half dark.

    Lovely colour and clouds !

  5. Oh the Blue Hour! Beautiful pics Merisi!

  6. Beautiful pics!!!!
    Must come to visit there again
    Thanx for your lovely comments on my blog!!!

  7. Thank you all!
    This place is less than five minutes from where I live, and I love to talk walks there, through all seasons and at any time of the day. Cu!


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