Wednesday 21 March 2007

Towards the ‘Equal Night of Spring’

Tuchlauben & Naglergasse

Judenplatz & Kurrentgasse

Antike Uhren, Schulhof
Old Clocks

Vino & Fiore *
Kurrentgasse 4

"Vino & Fiore"
For a virtuell tour of this exquisite flower and wine shop,
go to their website,
and click through
Räumlichkeiten, Portal, Eingangsbereich and Gewölb,
running the mouse over the photos to enjoy the picture show.


  1. Thank you for comment on my sketchbook, Merisi. Very much appreciated. I see you are slowly getting into nice spring season.

  2. Ben:
    It is always so enriching, visiting your photos of your beautiful country. Cu! :-)

  3. I just realized that I can click on your photos and see them in their full size... what a treat!

    I love seeing Vienna & other spots in Europe through your eyes. :)

    Truly magical!

  4. kathleen:
    So nice to see you back, and it is great that I can share my slowly discovering this city with you, thank you for enjoying it with me!
    (I wanted to visit you, but the link leads to a dead end, unfortunately.)
    I love this new feature of Blogger, to be able to see a larger image by clicking on the pictures.

  5. I really like this series, Merisi. I do!!!


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