Sunday 4 March 2007

Looking for Spring in the City

The Skeptic

Grey Morning

Entrance to the Stadtpark from the Ring
Café Prückl in the background


Early morning swim


A little blue on a grey morning
Galerie Maria am Gestade

Kurrentgasse flower shop

Photos taken in Vienna
this past week.


  1. Oh my....great pics...thanx for taling me along!!!
    Love the flowers

  2. It was a very grey and early morning when I was rushing through the Stadtpark last Thursday (there is a Metro stop at its main entrance, from where one can walk to any place in the inner city, feet willing). I couldn't resist those harbinger's of spring, and little specks of color, and took some pictures. Unfortunately I could not capture any of the birdsongs for you.

  3. Harbingers (what was I thinking? Apostrohe! *tztz*)

  4. Thanks for the walk....I know spring is just there.... its looking so beautiful everywhere....! Last 2-3 days SFO was looking gloriously warm...!


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