Sunday 4 March 2007

Blue Hour in Venice

Scuola Grande di San Marco

Walking in the Castello Quarter
Sotoportego de l'Indorador, via Rio dei Mendicanti
to Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo.


  1. Oh Venice! What needs to be said? Although it is a bit bittersweet for me - I once broke up with a boyfriend in Venice because I was in love with another man. A little complicated...

  2. Isn't it just beautiful :-)
    And less than five weeks till I am there again.

  3. @ My Marrakech:
    Isn't it a good thing that at least Venice is a steady presence?
    Maybe you should renew your aquaintane with her? ;-)
    @ britt-arnhild:
    So right you are! I'm happy for you. ;-)
    I can't get her out of my mind, though. One of those days I'll simply take my passport and escape! :-)

  4. Who is siting behind that window, watching life from the safety?the seclusion?the prison of her home?
    What passions, dances,quels soupirs, quelle joie...


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