Tuesday 6 February 2007

Life Is But A Dream

"They changed their minds,
Flew off, and into strange vagaries fell
John Milton

"Mozart" espresso cups at Café Diglas
Real enough. Or?

"White chocolate torte?"
Napkin rings!

White chocolate covered nougat

"We may take off any minute," they whispered,
with a twinkle in their marzipan eyes.

Modelling marzipan
At a loss for words.

"ABSINTHE - The Green Fairy's elixir"
Fairies are for real. No?

"Real coffee beans"
As real as the dark chocolate
they are covered with!
They said so.

Have you ever noticed that I rarely ever
pass those store windows during day time hours?
Are there store windows during day time hours?



  1. WOW!
    I love espresso cups, I love chocolate, I love creampuffs, I love marzipan, I love coffee.
    DSo I have to say more!

  2. Cream puffs make me think of the abundance with which they are presented in Roman pastry shops. I could eat one right now. ;-)

  3. Do they sell those espresso cups? I'm getting one the day I come to Vienna. And the asparagus... how wonderful.

  4. coffee..mmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn!

  5. Meg:
    Yes, those cups are for sale! :-)

  6. Oh, decadent, decadent, DECADENT!
    Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!
    I may have gained a few pounds just looking at this series of photos.
    GORGE-ously done!

  7. Thank you, cip!
    Would you really eat the marzipan leg or penguins? ;-)
    One of those days I shall buy those little absinth candies (the coffee ones are also quite tempting). I have had chocolate covered coffee beans elsewhere, not my thing. I'd rather have them plain and ground and brewed, then dusted with cocoa.


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