Thursday 1 February 2007

Green Recess

Two of my four tesori

And now, back to work!


In the mood for "Paris Green" now?
Swing over to Carol's "ParisBreakfast",
she being the one who inspired me to look for "The Green".



  1. There's a hidden self-portrait in the form of a reflection in the big candle glass (picture 5); and if you look very closely, in the green bowl next to the photograph as well (picture 4) ;)

    Great pictures, I like green :)

  2. Ah, where did January go? I have been visiting you....but I've had the flu or something that made me so tired I haven't posted much lately, I'm starting to feel better now (thank goodness!)
    Your pretty pictures kept my spirits up during the dark days:) I always enjoy them so much!!!!!!!

  3. a beautiful colour for real...

  4. Great photos. I especially like the one with the images of the tulips in the mirror.

  5. Oh I love that shade of Green , I have this cozy sweater from boiled wool ( bit dk shade then that) and I just love wearing that on my trek trips.

    I liked the last pic...can you do more shots of flowers as well...very vibrant...!

    @ Katrina- GR8 observation :-)

    I now know yr Fav tea

    Tk care and hv a GR8 weekend...!

  6. your photos are always colorful & delicious!!

  7. I love these green posts! (My favorite color).

    You have so many terrific posts - I can hardly keep up with my current crazy schedule - tulips, wigs, glass, ornamentation... *sigh* lovely...

  8. @ Cat:
    Oh well, no more under cover. ;-)
    @ Idahl:
    So glad you're feeling better.
    Many happy returns!
    @ Simon:
    It hides everywhere, even in my wardrobe. ;-)
    @ Britt-Arnhild:
    I challenged myself to do a post with photos shot in five minutes. Like in school. ;-)
    Thank you!
    @ Bend:
    I get sweater envy!
    As with all my pictures, sheer chance: If flowers come my way, they may end up here again.
    @ Paris Breakfast:
    Thank you! And you made me look for the green around here (there's more, but I would have had to clean up the house first to picture more *g*)
    @ TLC:
    It took me a long time to figure out that green was my favorite color, for a long time I tended to say it was blue, cerulean blue, azzurro. But then the sea changed into that beautiful green .... :-)

  9. The orange object next to the green one in Photo 4 - I'm curious.


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