Sunday 14 January 2007

Sunday in the Vineyards

Pictures taken this afternoon
at Salmannsdorfer Höhe in the 19th District
(for pictures of the same vineyards in october,
click here, please).


  1. I love winter scenes: the quiet, the starkness, the subdued, sleeping qaulity. Last spring I took photos of a local vineyard right before growing season began. I couldn't help myself.

    I can't believe what an incredibly prolific poster you are! So many photos! Your camera must be permanently grafetd to your hand! :O As for me, I got a mobile phone with a camera yesterday so I'll never have an excuse to miss a shot (poor quality or not) again...

  2. I think I am going to die! ( the view!)

  3. @ andrea:
    There is much to discover once the layers of summer and fall are blown away by the wind, true. The beauty in those particular vineyards lies for me in the fact that they are only a twenty minutes drive through the Vienna Woods from my home and two minutes from my youngest's school. They rise up a hill and have the whole city to your feet.
    Camera grafted to my hand? Well, sorta ... *laugh* Maybe one day I'll commit myself to the Betty Ford Center for treatment. :-))))))

    Oh no, Simon, please don't! Better get your cross country bike, I always encounter a couple of them over there. Some steep rides!

  4. you are right! I can imagine a 50k ride then a wine tasting (for medicinal purpose only!)

  5. The Vineyard is absolutley beautiful! :) I love Austrian wines, especially the whites.


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