Sunday 14 January 2007

Simply One More Overture

Simply One More Overture *
A walk from St. Stephen's to Kohlmarkt
and back, taken yesterday at dusk,
to enjoy one more time
the Christmas lights.

Haas Haus and St. Stephen's Cathedral

The first Christmas chandelier on Graben

"Baby" chandeliers above Trattnerhof

St. Peter's church

Am Graben,
to your left Kohlmarkt begins

Overhead Christmas lights already taken down

St. Stephen's in the background

darkness deepens
". *

*) From the poem
"The Upstaging of a Coastal Sunset"
by L.R. Berger
("Sightings", 2001)


  1. These pictures take my breath away...I feel like I'm walking there with you :)

  2. I sure would take you to get a taste of those teensyweensy chocolatinies at Graben and later to Demel's.


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