Tuesday 9 January 2007

Roses at Palais Esterházy

The wind was moving the branches and I was unable to get a sharper image of these two beautiful roses
in the courtyard of the Esterházy Palais.
Still, they made me happy seeing them today,
in the middle of winter.

Palais Esterházy at Wallnerstraße 4
(there are two Esterházy Palais in Vienna)

Rose bushes in the far back on the right
(hard to take a picture of the palace, the street's very narrow)


  1. I think your photo of the roses is beautiful frankly. the focus is quite artistic!

  2. Who knew the wind could force one to be more creative?
    I was at the palais again a day later, wednesday, and would you believe it, some barbarian had cut off those two beauties. I saw the cook from the courtyard restaurant observing me, standing there, staring incredulously into the bush? And it was such a bright sunny windless morning! *gulp*


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