Saturday 6 January 2007

Looking for the 'Wise Men from the East': Peterskirche


View of the Graben from St. Peter's church

Looking for the 'Wise Men from the East' today, I encountered them at various places in the First District, for the first time at the crèche in St. Peter's Church, a short walk, through Graben and Jungferngasse, from St. Stephen's cathedral.


  1. How do you stand living around so many beautiful things:))))

    I love the camel in the shop in the picture below!!
    (and your book too. My kids liked the Polar Express.

  2. Beautiful images! I love Vienna and my husband has always wanted to live there.

  3. Lovely creche, lovely light. Makes you want to meditate...

  4. @ Idahl:
    How can I stand it? Taking big breaths and taking it in, one tiny dose after tiny dose after ... ;-)))
    "Polar Express" somehow couldn't find a place in my children's heart. They rather ran with the "Wild Things".
    @ Andrea:
    I must confess I really didn't know Vienna well before I moved here, now I'm slowly falling in love with the city.
    @ Irene:
    It's a truly beautiful church. Two large evergreen Christmas trees grace the altar, quietly festive (I couldn't bring myself to take a picture, with people praying and singing).

  5. My oldest son was a big "Wild Things" fan too! He got the book for his youngest brother's little boy, that is how much he thought of it... I think the all round favorite of all my kids was "Who's mouse are you"? All three can still recite it from memory.

    I still think Amahl's illos are awesome!


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