Friday 12 January 2007

Friday's Blues

Before sunrise

"I see him sinking behind stands of winter trees ...
he looks like a young man who has fallen in love
with the dark earth

From: "The Man in the Moon" by Billy Collins
("Questions about Angels", 1991)

After the downpour
Metro exit Stadtpark

Stadtpark (City Park)
Art Nouveau vases
on the left bank promenade of the River "Wien"

Searching for the creator of the blue vases in the Stadtpark, I found the most beautiful picture gallery of Vienna. Enjoy Vienna my Hometown by Franz Bauer.
Such splendid images! I think I better leave my camera at home from now on.


  1. that is a great photo of the moon & a wonderful quote too!

  2. Don't you even think about leaving your camera at home... his photos are good, but they aren't the magic that yours are.

  3. Oh, the second photo - finally we see a musician in Vienna. (And no, you keep taking photos for me - where else would I get a daily fix of beautiful cake and choc and cafe photos, in addition to great architecture??)


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