Thursday 11 January 2007

Beating January Doldrums the Viennese Way

Feast your eyes
on Demel's vademecum against winter's ills:
Spring-colored Geléebonbons
(Oh no, you don't want Geléebonbons translated, do you?
Now let it melt on your tongue: Ge-lée-bon-bons.)

Go get some special tea at

Imagine trinking it out of an Hermès mug

Think of someone who would love
to receive a chocolate cake in a wooden box by mail
(or UPS, if must be *g*)

Go window-eating
(Zero calories! Infact, all the walking will
put you in the negative zone *g*):
Here, Café Central Patisserie's "Krapfen"

Listen to the Allegro (here) of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Piano Concerto No. 20 in D-Minor"
My suggestion:
The October 1990 performance by the
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
with Alfred Brendel on the piano
and Neville Marriner conducting
(on the Philips label CD, ASIN: B0000040Z9)

The Dachshund Orchestra in the picture is handmade and handpainted
and can be admired (and/or acquired) from
Studio Wienblick
Augustinerstrasse 12

+++ THIS JUST IN +++

"Please note that the presentation
"Reducing the Daily Chaos"
will be held at 10:00 am
and NOT at 10:00 pm as announced

I don't know, is it that I had an extremely busy (to slightly chaotic) day, with a zillion surprise announcements, but this correction, which just arrived via email, put me over the top: I laughed so hard, my daughter came to check what had happened to me.
(Whatever the time stamp says,
it's past six in the evening. It took me half the day to complete this blog entry, by bits and pieces, what with my chaos and little blogger being more than a little bit ricalcitrant also. :-)


  1. Ooooohhhhhh! I miss it sooooo much. Just seeing the pictures of Demels makes me yearn for that time again. Thanks to your blog I can pop back whenever the mood takes me.

  2. Another wonderful post Maria!
    And who knew Hermes made such adorable cups? It's sitting on my desktop so I can admire it some more..Really yummy along with all the other things you're showing.

  3. The Hermes cups are so beautiful!
    I really enjoyed your posts today!
    Wonderful as usual:)

  4. Thank you all for being so generous with your comments! I hope to find more of those little beauties.
    Joy to all of you,

  5. Hermes cups always remind me of their ties!
    The teabag is fantastic shaped in a tall triangular cone!
    I think I would gain a hundred pounds in your country overnight!!

  6. Oh, the tea, the tea. What elegance. What beauty.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful entry, I am off to listen to some Mozart.

  8. @ Tongue in Cheek:
    I love Hermès foulards. ;-)
    I wouldn't worry about gaining weight in Vienna. For the first time in my life I lost weight over the Christmas holidays, unintentionally I might add, while eating the cake-s *g*).
    @ Meg:
    Somewhere I have a photo of a tea cup with a cover that has a little whole in it to let the leaf peak through. ;-)
    @ Maddy:
    I spent my childhood summers in Salzburg, on my grandfather's hand window shopping, with all those black and white pictures of Karajan and at home Deutsche Grammophon shellac discs playing all the Mozart there is.


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