Thursday 7 December 2006

Shades of Grey

Un cielo grigio che più grigio non si può.

St. Stephens
from the gate at Belvedere Palace

Lady in Grey

Do wise men get the grey sky blues, too?

No wonder, too much grey!


If Kafka could turn a man into an insect in one sentence
perhaps he could transform me into something new,

Not that I am so miserable, but I could use a change
of scenery and substance, plus the weather reminds me of him.

Ah, to awaken one morning as the New York Public Library.
I would pass the days observing old men in raincoats
as they mounted the ponderous steps between the lions

I would stare over Fifth Avenue with a perfectly straight face.

"Questions About Angels"
Poems by Billy Collins
Page 70 of my paperback edition by
University of Pittsburgh Press
Originally published by W. W. Norton & Co., Inc
Copyright © 1991 by Billy Collins



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