Wednesday 6 December 2006

Café Sluka


In the background, City Hall and Votiv Church

Reichsratstrasse Arcades

Café Sluka, to your left, beside the Christmas tree

Café Sluka
Rathausplatz 8
Accross City Hall



  1. Hi Merisi,
    I have Findley's book on the sidebar..We used to carry it at Kremer's quite anacdotal-not as serious a book as some of the others. But Pastoureau is the color "expert". He has many more books in French on color. I wish they'd translate them..No there's always more to learn on color. I just bought, A Perfect Red and am learning lots of new things :)
    For some reason I can't email you..
    I love the look of this café..

  2. Your blog is a feast and a delight!!!!!!!!!!! You have really lifted my spirits tonight.... thank you for taking me window shopping.

  3. @ Carol:
    May eyes were probably glazed over from all those phantastic images on your blog. I shall look out for Pastoureau.
    @ Idahl:
    Thank you! Hope to see you come back for more.

  4. I can't get over how beautiful Vienna is!


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