Friday 15 December 2006

I'd like to be under the sea ...

... in an octopus's garden in the shade ...

... or rather with a lion on a rooftop?

Or would I like to be ... asleep?
Somebody else doing my work!

Or hanging out with faraway friends?
(Not me, in the picture!)

Yes, you're still looking at Merisi's Vienna for Beginners!
(Merisi pleads temporary insanity due to too many Christmas cookies)

How many cookies left til Christmas?



  1. I enjoy your vision so much! Thank you for all your work with these posts, they are a delight.

  2. So you're neither of them...I was going to ask.

  3. IDAHL:
    Thank you, it's a delight sharing my joy in exploring new things an old with generous visitors like you.
    One of those days ... ;-)
    Re "obvious" (remember?): Italian?


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