Sunday 12 November 2006

Vestibül in the Burgtheater


View of Vienna Town Hall

Coffee bar with one of the friendliest waiters in town

Vestibül Restaurant
In the Burghtheater building
(pictured here, Vestibul is on the main floor, to the right)
Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 2, 1st District

A friend and I followed a narrow corridor from the Burgtheater stage and found this beautiful place with great food, outstanding service and the best espresso in town. During warm weather, you can dine or enjoy coffee on the terrace in front of the Burgtheater.


  1. I don't have the right clothes or shoes to wear to this restaurant!

  2. A weaver and no cloth to appear in public? I don't believe you a second. =smile*
    My friend and I were not dressed for the theatre when we had coffee there. The lonely person working was quite busy to arrange the tables for a special event, yet he immediately interrupted his work to prepare espresso for the two of us after we inquired about the opening hours, "for coffee I'm open right now". And it was great coffee! :-)


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