Wednesday 15 November 2006

Schönbrunn's Gloriette


The Gloriette stands high on the hill
behind Schönbrunn Palace and it is one of my favorite destinations for an evening walk.
It takes me little more than half an hour to walk from my place to the top of the Gloriette hill, but the beauty of the surroundings wraps me in a feeling of timelessness.

More Schönbrunn pictures here:
"Sunday in Schönbrunn: Spring has Sprung"



  1. So beautiful. I'm envious that you get to walk there!

  2. Whow- awesome photos...I can imagine taking a walk and feeling a sense of peace enveloping you....!
    My fav one was the pic of sky through the arch....!
    Will surely check your blog everyday...I have to see your other pics as well...!
    Thanks for dropping by !
    Tk care -

  3. I do love the place. If only I could take my dog there, I'd walk there every evening (generally, dogs in Vienna are treated like royalty, welcome almost anywhere, restaurants, coffeehouses, but for a few parks).

  4. Bendtherulz:
    Yeah, the archs do indeed invite pictures. ;-) The arch and the sky remind me of paintings by Perugino or Piero della Francesca, who frame some of their biblical scenes with glorious arches.
    There are more Schönbrunn pictures on the blog, I'll link them in the near future.

  5. Hey - thanks for the link....even those pics were nice....! Thx a ton...and I think I remember reading it....that you take pics while walking....whow...if this is how pics come while walking.....please do let me know how the pics come when you DO SERIOUS...LOL....

  6. These are such great pictures. I love them. I wanted to tell you which one is my favorite, but I simply couldn't decide :)

  7. Awesome pics once again !! Just can't decide which one is the best...

    Yet to see your complete blog...will do in a few days time. :))

  8. I'd like to join you for an evening walk. Will be quiet - talking would distract from contemplation.

  9. @ Bendtherulz
    I do stop to take the pics, for a moment, at least. ;-)))
    My choice was either to take half a dozen "great" pictures a year (making my own b&w silver gelatine prints which I love) or just relax and shoot the pictures with my little digi wherever the day takes me. ;-)

  10. @May:
    Talking can be relaxing too. ;-)

  11. @ Cuckoo:
    I'm looking forward to your future visits! :-)

    @ Cat:


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