Wednesday 15 November 2006

Looking Up in the First District

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Bogner Gasse 5
First District

Parapet figures on Graben

Kirche am Hof

Tuchlauben Passage

Skylight in the Kassenhalle (counter hall)
of the BAWAG Bank on Tuchlauben
(located in the Hochholzerhaus, a 17th century buidling)

St. Peter's

It's a splendid late fall day here in Vienna.
Indian Summer weather and the blue sky beckon you outside.
I took these pictures while walking from the metro station at Herrengasse to the BA-CA Kunstforum where the Marc Chagall Exhibition "Masterworks 1908 - 1922" opened today.

More "Looking Up" pictures from Vienna:
Seeing True Blue
Around the Albertina


  1. Great shots of your city. I wonder what the shop with the camel sells!? The glass roof and the 'fairy lights' look terrific. Well done.

  2. Beautiful. Merisi, are there so many old buildings, or are some buildings newer but constructed to look old? I love the ornamentations like the statues and the Arabic Tent like thing on top of the buildings. And finally, a Viennese horse!

  3. Great awesome pictures of Vienna !! The statues on roof top fascinate me.. one can see them in some places of Italy also.

  4. @Cuckoo:
    Parapet figures like angels, saints, ancient gods and heroes crowd the Vienna roofscapes and are competing for your attention. I wonder how many people return from Vienna mit stiff neck syndrome. ;-)
    As far as I can judge it, generally buildings here do not masquerade as old ones if they are new. Examples of new architecture: the steel and glass roof on the "Tuchlauben Passage" pictured here, the Main Library building and the Haas Haus opposite St. Stephen's Cathedral,

  5. I see you found my hidden camel shop pictures. ;-)
    For all of you who were wondering too, two pictures from the inside here
    It's a great spot, I had two delicious tramezzini there last Monday, one with chicken salad and the other one with avocado, tomato and lettuce. Yammy. :-)
    I ate them standing up, but I observed customers who took their little sandwiches and sat down for their meal at the tablecloth covered little tables. Very charming place.


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