Friday 17 November 2006

Paolo Bortolotti: Best Cappuccino in Vienna

The cappuccino at Paolo's
is in my opinion the very best of Vienna.
Coffee without any hint of bitterness

I haven't had better "pasta di mandorla" sweets
north of Sicily than at Paolo's.
These little delicacies,
made with almond flour, sugar and egg whites,
taste simply divine.

"Pasta di mandorla" crescents,
with just the right amount of orange flavor.
A taste sensation.

Whole almonds in pasta di mandorla

Christmas Season beckons!

Almost closing time

During the summer, Paolo Bortolotti is heaven
for Italian ice cream lovers.


  1. Yep, kiddo. And you poor soul had to watch the devil wearing Prada while I was far beyond purgatory. ;-)
    But I really needed that cappuccino after the shock of Vienna suddenly in Christmas season (I couldn't even bring myself to put up last night's xmassy pictures, too soon, gotta hunt that turkey, first).

  2. Heyy with all that cappuccino and yum looking flaky croissant/ wanted to eat banana swap !!

  3. Every good food its own time and place, I'd say (the food on the banana leaf looks very tempting, though). :-)
    Could need a cappuccino right now, but I'll have to wait for late afternoon. Dommayer's is open for business again and I want to check it out (it was closed for a couple of weeks for renovation).

  4. Scrolling down and looking at the cookies was bad enough - that Christmas Cake is packaged so simply but attractively! Fly me to Vienna this afternoon!


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