Friday 17 November 2006

Coffeehouse with a View: Café Gloriette

I still remember the first time I walked up to the Gloriette.
"Great location for a coffeehouse", was my first thought.
Well, this being Vienna,
there is a coffeehouse there, Café Gloriette.
You can sip your coffee
and eat Vienna's best apple strudel
in the former imperial dining room,
enjoying the same splendor and glorious views
as Emperor Franz Josef I. did,
who had his breakfast served there.

Schönbrunn Palace and Gloriette
in winter, spring and
a few days ago.


  1. I suppose that's what they mean - whey they say - feels like strudel...those are my fav....! I don't think Frankfurt is really the best place...still whenever I am in that part of the world - that makes my dinner....!

    I wouldn't mind seeing some more pics of the arrangements - was it wall sconces w/ some fruit and vine arrangement...very interesting ??? It is a vase !!

  2. Now is the best season for apple strudel, ripe local apples lend a special note.
    I loved that vase, too. I probably could fill a daily blog with exquisite and oftentimes witty flower arrangements seen around town.

  3. Viennese cafes are so beautiful and elegant. I could spend hours and hours and hours!

  4. Ah' here I am.... dreamy elegant....


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