Thursday 9 November 2006

„Café Markusplatz“ - Almost Heaven!


Café Markusplatz
Tuchlauben 16
(in the First District, a short walk vom St. Stephen's Cathedral)

A dear friend took me there yesterday. I fell in love with the excellent Melange and the congenial atmosphere there ("Melange" is viennese for "cappuccino"). "Markusplatz" is what I'd call a coffeehouse lover's heaven: Great coffee, great atmosphere and a big selection of newspapers! I'll have to go back there for more. And maybe better pictures!

Dear visitors,
I apologize for the oftentimes poor quality of my photos. This blog happened by chance: Instead of mailing pictures to my friends, I created this blog as a way for them to look over my shoulder while I am getting to know my new hometown.
I enjoy sharing my excursions also with people from all over the world who discover my notes from Vienna by chance, but sometimes I feel a little self-conscious about the limits of my enterprise. So, please, be warned, I am taking the pictures mostly on the side, with barely time to stop and point and shoot and oftentimes I'm shooting an the sly, not wanting to make anybody feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, - especially a better zoom! -, but I know well it's not the camera that takes great pictures. Still, you are more than welcome to come along with me and enjoy Vienna as much as I do. It's sheer pleasure to share it with you all.


  1. What a lovely idea!
    I have never been to Vienna, but I make it a point to everyone to let me enjoy the new year's concert!
    When I was in high school I had a pen friend from Austria. Once she came on a school trip to Greece. She wrote back that she was very disappointed with the greek sweets she had tasted. She insisted that not France nor England were the places to eat sweets, and that I should visit Vienna, just for the cafes!..

    I love coffee shops. Newspapers and magazines,and a hot chocolate,is a piece of heaven for all seasons. I just enter in another dimension.

    Do not worry about the photos. It is so thoughtful of you to not want to disturb people, but they are great, warm and natural as they are.

    A big, warm Thank You.

    Be happy,

  2. Thank you for your warm comments.
    Methinks your Austrian pen pal was a little bit of of sweets-snob. :-)
    I for one loved going to the Greek festival that was held twice yearly in Washington DC Greek churches. Every time I had to get those great little fried yeastcakes, immersed in honey water and flavored with cinnamon. *mmmmm* :-)


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