Thursday 9 November 2006

Around the World in Blogs

Thanks to Joe's "RomeDaily", I travelled to New Zealand and to Venice, Italy, today. I added these new fotoblog-links to my virtual travel section, "Around the World in Blogs".


Views from my window:
Autumns last hurrah.
(Shaky pictures? Oh no, just in the impressionist mode! *smile*)


  1. What a great surprise, thanks for link Merisi!
    You can have a world trip any time!
    NZ has 4 site now, (Auckland, Kapiti, Wellington and Nelson).
    When you feel like, come visit those as well.


  2. Thank you for visiting us. I love your coffee cups, cakes, chocolates, cafes, clouds, architecture, and bookshop shots. I was quite madly in love with the Vienna Boys' Choir when I was 10 and always wanted to visit Vienna. So it's great to see your photos and the different district. I'll be back on regular visits in future.

  3. @ Ben:
    A friend of mine (in Luxembourg) was quite happy to discover your sites. There is a literature festival coming up in France, - 'Belles Etrangères' -
    and this year it's going to be all about .... New Zealand! :-) She's been reading GEOFF CUSH und ALAN DUFF lately.

    @ Meg:
    You should definitely come and see Vienna (and the "Boys" are singing in church every sunday *g*).


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