Saturday 11 November 2006

9th District: The University of Vienna


Main Building
(Votivkirche towers in the background to the right)

The new Main Building on the Ring, 1884
The imposing University Palace on Vienna's splendid new Ring, in the immediate vicinity of the parliament, the City Hall, the Burgtheater and the Votiv Church, shows that the University was intended to hold an important position in Vienna.
Quoted from
"An Historical Tour of the University of Vienna"
(Archives of the University of Vienna).


  1. It might get a bit cold in old buildings, but I swear, it has got to be an environment more conducive to serious studying than ugly modern jobs... at least it would be for me. Wonderful.

  2. On friday evening the rooms felt quite cozy. :-)
    Interestingly, there is talk of the need of rebuilding the "Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration", even though the buildings are not yet 30 years old. The Law School is also housed in a contemporary building (which seems to hold up well *g*). Over time I hope to bring pictures of more of the many places of higher learning in Vienna. Greetings! :-)

  3. Have you noticed, Merisi, that 100 year old buildings have a better chance of remaining there for another 100 years, compared to, for example, 30-year old buildings? Age old wisdom, I think. The older buildings were more versatile.

  4. You do your arches so well with great framing. Must be a favourite of yours, or are there just heaps of arches round Vienna?! Thanks for the link, however I couldn't find it.

  5. @John:
    I guess I do like arches a lot. ;-)
    And they are indeed all over town. Which link was it that you where looking for in vain?

  6. @ Meg:
    You are right, newer buildings do seem to have a much shorter live span. I am in awe of the beauty of so many of the everyday older buildings here in Vienna, apartment houses for example that I tried to show a sample of with today's "façades".


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