Sunday 11 November 2018

Remembrance of Things Past
Café Drechsler Is But A Dream Now

There is magic

in playing to be alone

in public

Photographed in May 2010 at Café Drechsler
Corner of Linke Wienzeile and Girardigasse
6th District, next to Naschmarkt
A-1060 Vienna Images and Text © by Merisi
Images and Text Copyright by Merisi

- -> I am so proud to have been invited to select this month's theme for City Daily Photo's Theme Day Gallery.
May I invite all of you to head on over and see what's going on in coffee places around the world?
Please follow the link -> City Daily Photo Theme Day: Scene from a Coffee House
- -> Café Drechsler Homepage:
"In 2007 the doors of this coffee house jewel along Vienna’s Wienzeile-Street re-opened. After careful remodeling by Conran & Partners, Cafe Drechsler now presents itself as a café in 21st century style.
As such it continues the tradition that began with Engelbert Drechsler’s family in 1919 – to be a traditional meeting place for guests who appreciate typical coffee house specialties, classical Viennese coffee house cuisine with seasonal accents, and a relaxed atmosphere day or night."


  1. Merisi, I have enjoyed getting caught up with your recent posts. Grand to see more of the black and white photographs! Each photograph certainly provides the beginning of a story.

    Congratulations on being able to select the Daily Photo theme. Thank goodness coffee plays a part. The chairs in today's picture are very similar to the one I am sitting on as I type this comment. xo

  2. That first shot is quite old fashioned.

  3. A wonderful timeless image and it looks absolutely beautiful in b&w.

  4. Playing to being alone in public. Sounds good to me.


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