Thursday 2 August 2018

Blue is the Coolest Color
Ernst Fuchs Museum at Otto Wagner Villa

Blue in the Afternoon
Otto Wagner Jugenstil Villa
Home to the Ernst-Fuchs-Museum
The Ernst Fuchs Museum may well be not only among the most beautiful,
but also one of the coolest sights to visit on a hot summer day in Vienna!

More Information about the villa and museum:
Ernst Fuchs Museum at Otto Wagner's Jugendstil Villa

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. From the thumbnail I thought this was a washing machine! It's rather more interesting than that.

  2. How lovely! This is just the image for a cool start to what is going to be a hot day... thanks!

  3. So funny, I am going through my Vienna pictures on this gray and rainy day, and noticed that a common theme in many of them was the pretty blue that you are featuring here!

  4. Always searching for some place cool. The coolers do make it look cool, in both the temperature way and the hip way.

  5. Merisi, I popped by to leave a very overdue message and to apologize for being such a lazybones blogger, and think that hot and humid weather caused my fingers to tap an unintended key. Ahh well, it is very hot here in NYC and so seeing your lovely cool Vienna and poetry was most welcome. xo


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