Monday 18 June 2018

Café-Konditorei Zauner in Bad Ischl
Dreaming of drinking Coffee elsewhere

Waking up
300 km from where
you'd thought you'd be
the evening before

The morning sweetened
with rock candy
and brightened by sunshine

A pot of Earl Grey
and what is - for my taste -
the best croissant
in the whole wide world,
Zauner's Ischler Kipferl:
Golden buttery brioche layers
rolled with roasted ground hazelnuts.
Austrian pâtissiers are masters at
this kind of pastry,
Zauner's creation
is one of the best I have ever tasted

Café-Konditorei Zauner
Bad Ischl
Upper Austria
Images and Text © by Merisi

Dear Readers,
a repost, and I hope you won't mind, sitting down again,
in this beautiful place, and letting time slip by without looking at the clock.
I repost this particular post because lately I have been particularly nostalgic for a morning visit to Zauner's in Bad Ischl.
I even contemplated getting into the car.
After all, Bad Ischl is but a three hours drive away. ;-)
A wonderful day to all of you, and thank you for taking
this imaginary trip down memory lane with me.


  1. A lovely trip indeed and a wonderful start for my day, Merisi! How I would love to some coffee and a croissant there! Looks delightful and delicious!! Wonderful captures as always!

  2. Hope you can make this nostalgic trip soon and fulfil your imaginary trip down memory lane. The description of the croissant sounds divine.

  3. Rock candy. not for eating, just for lookin' through. :)

  4. My mouth is watering for the delightful pastry and delicious coffee.
    If I was there with you we would definitely jump in the car and take that amazing trip.
    Wish it were so!

  5. Merisi, I just got back to my newly checked-in hotel room from being down in the lobby's Starbucks for a coffee -- first day of my vacation in Toronto. I had a muffin, but it was nothing as decadent as what you are displaying here. That croissant does look like a real award winner.

  6. The candy dish is making me drool.

  7. I find it quite lovely that we can share your nostalgia. I do hope you'll soon take that actual trip, and allow us to follow along via the ether.


  8. 'Dreaming' is the right word...totally dreamy and your spoon on glass literally shimmers!

  9. Oh dear...when you Do take a coffee in Paris you may run for the train or here's as pretty or dreamy...

  10. Thank you all for those lovely comments, I truly appreciate each and every one!

  11. Bad Ischl. Where I went to school, learning how to cook and other meaningful jobs in the hotel industry....

    1. Now that is interesting!
      I have some close connections to Bad Ischl. ;-)

  12. Mmmhhh, Nusshörnchen - one of the delicacies I was told to stay away from since Cashew nuts almost killed me. I can smell it...♥nic

  13. Thank you, as always, for your lovely posts. I love looking at them and dreaming, nostalgic or not!

  14. A repost well worth making!


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