Tuesday 2 May 2017

Where the Wild Things are
A Walk in the Vienna Woods on a Morning in May

Over the meadows
and into the woods -
leaving the city behind

Wild Garlic
is abloom all over the Vienna Woods

It is almost impossible to find a path
not lined by these star-like beauties

Their fragrance
is jolting you awake

if you dare to get
too close

Better leave the shelter of trees
and catch some fresh air
as I did, on Thursday morning

To capture the light
you must be out there before 8 AM,
before the shadows recede and the meadow
alights in a blinding glare

Photographed along the walls
of Lainz Game Reserve
9 May 2013
13th District

Allium ursinum L.
Bear's garlic, Ramson, Wild garlic:
A relative of the American "ramp"
Allium tricoccum, also Erba orsina,
Aglio orsino or ail sauvage
Link -> Gernot Katzer's all about Wild Garlic
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Beautiful series of images. Weather looking good :).

  2. Reminded me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and the others are overcome by the intoxicating aroma of the flowers. Glad you escaped before you were overwhelmed!

  3. I love walking through woods of Wild Garlic breathing deeply.

  4. What a lovely place to walk and your captures are delightful as always, Merisi! Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. What a wonderful walk we also have woods close-by full of wild garlic I must go visit them before all the flowers disappear.
    Sarah x

  6. Loved the walk through the woods, seeing the starry flowers of the wild garlic and noticing the little blue flowers of the germander speedwell.

  7. Looks a very nice walk for sure!

  8. Here they plant garlic along the roadways, the kind with pink flowers. They look wonderful but I do not like the way they smell! It's even worse when the city workers come along and shear them off until next year - whew! But I prefer your beautiful white wild garlic under the shady trees, at least the woods are lovely and green. Much better than blacktop and cement.

  9. We're entering that time of year when the most interesting photographic opportunities seem to occur before 08.00 and after 20.00. Love these woodland shots.

  10. Vampire-free on your very pretty turf oui

  11. What a wonderful walk to satisfy so many senses! Delightful photos, too!

  12. I feel like I can smell those flowers! :) Nice to have spring and beautiful flowers!!

  13. The woods must be a lovely, peaceful getaway - although I am not sure I would want to get away from beautiful Vienna.

  14. Beautiful shots. It's a wonderful time of year for a stroll!

  15. Ach, I used to live just on the border of the Vienna Woods and we walked there as a family every weekend. How I miss it now!

  16. Das ist ja märchenhaft!! So schön bei dir (wie immer)!!

    Sei lieb gegrüßt von,

  17. Thank you, dear Merisi, for reminding me that there are many benefits for waking up much earlier in the morning. xo

  18. My friends and I used to do this as teenagers in Ontario, loved it. These photo's brought back lots of fun memories

  19. Beautiful, Merisi! I"m wondering just what wild garlic smells like!


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