Saturday 13 May 2017

Austrian Slow Food for Bons Vivants
Open Air Genussfestival at Vienna's Stadtpark

Kaiserschmarrn, anyone?

Johann Strauß Memorial
Everyone was out to play

and taste

and take it all in
from the terrace of the Kursalon Café

and see how to
wear Lederhosen in style

find a shady spot to share
a glass of Uhudler wine with friends

enjoy a leisurely afternoon
of reading on a blanket in the sun

or take a well-earned breather
by the pond

Photographed on Friday afternoon
8 May 2015 at the Food Festival at Stadtpark

The Genussfestival is there for you to enjoy
through tomorrow, Sunday, 14 May 2017
Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Genussfestival Information at "Welcome to Vienna":
"The "Genussfestival" will be a showcase for select culinary specialties from Austria.
Vienna escargot and wine from Vienna, gray poppyseed oil from the Waldviertel, Carinthian honey, saffron from the Wachau, spicy cheese from Vorarlberg: At the "Wiener Genussfestival" from 8 to 10 May 2015, the best Austrian food producers and cottage industries invite you to sample and savor their delights in one of the city's prettiest parks. In addition to around 180 exhibitors, leading Austrian chefs serve regional specialties in the gourmet tent."


  1. That looks like a perfect way to spend a day and you have captured it so well. x

  2. Looks wonderful.

    We just saw a lovely film, Woman In Gold, much of which was filmed in Vienna :).

  3. Merisi, what a wonderful way to get an early start on the weekend. Such happiness is evident in the dappled sunshine. Lots of fashion statements are displayed along with delicious food and drink.

    Best wishes for continued sunshine! xo

  4. Looks like a nice relaxed event.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Ah, a fun day indeed, Merisi!! Love all that sunshine and happy people!! Hope you have more of the same fun for the weekend!! Enjoy!!

  6. What a delicious festival! Viennese know how to enjoy life!

  7. Kurwenal09 May, 2015

    Happy pictures. Not in Vienna until November, wish it was right now though to enjoy the taste of Summer.

  8. Beautiful shots! The kaiserschmarrn looks tasty, so I looked it up. I'd definitely enjoy it.

  9. Lovely pictures, I particularly like the first one

  10. Mmm, love kaiserchmarrn! My husband makes it from a cookery book he bought when he studied in Salzburg for a year. Our children loved it as a weekend treat.

  11. James, Williamsburg, Virginia10 May, 2015

    How fun it is to see the citizens of Vienna having fun in such a relaxed manner---something I haven't seen too
    often. Thanks for sharing, Merisi. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Yes, I could spend a day like that. A little wine, a little nap, a little sun, a little book. Perfect

  13. I never knew lederhosen came in long styles... I thought they were all cut above the knee. I like the long ones! They look like cowboys. 8-)

  14. It looks absolutely fabulous, what a fun way to spend an afternoon sampling all the wonders of Austrian foods... Lucky You Merisi


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