Wednesday 15 March 2017

You have not yet seen it all
Viennese Moments

Swarovsky Kristallwelten
Window installation by Jean Paul Gaultier
Kärntner Straße

Workshop Window
Violin Maker Anna Weinberger-Hohenegger

In quella parte del libro de la mia memoria...
si trova una rubrica la quale dice: Incipit vita nova.
In that book which is my memory...
there is a chapter that announces the beginning of a new life.
(Dante Alighieri)

Images © by Merisi
-> Video of Violin Maker Anna Weinberger-Hohenegger in her workshop


  1. That first photo is amazing!!

  2. The violin display is my favourite!

  3. With you as our generous guide to Vienna, I think that we will always have a reason to return here for more beauty, while holding on to the hope for another actual visit to Vienna.

    (I am monitoring any tulip activity over on Park Avenue.)


  4. Being a violinist, this picture really appeals to me. I would give anything to be able to spend two or three days in the presence of a violin maker at work. I would be in Heaven. The video was wonderful. I always think of violin makers as being men...not so. This is a very very talented woman. The other picture is very pretty. The little vase is stunning.


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