Wednesday 22 February 2017

Coffee, anyone?
Süssmund Café at Wipplinger Straße

Coffee, anyone?
Süssmund Kaffee
Wipplinger Straße 11
© by Merisi

-> Süssmund-Kaffee:
Süssmund Kaffee, one of Vienna's Third Wave coffee shops, buys directly from the growers
and roasts the beans in their own roasting plant.


  1. The heart shape is a nice touch!

  2. That is so lovely. You must have a lot of fun enjoying beautiful cups of coffee like this.

  3. sehr hübsch! immer wieder eine freude deine fotos zu betrachten, danke von tina;-)

  4. Finally making the rounds and visiting my favorite blogs again!
    Your photos are beautiful as always, but happily I do see them on FB!
    And I also have to say that going on here always makes me want to go have a cappuccino and pastry somewhere. Only ... I wouldn't be in Vienna and I can't find anything as magical as how it looks on here! One day! :)


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