Tuesday 20 December 2016

Dreaming of a White Christmas
While walking in the Winter Rain

Christmas Trees at Neuer Markt
Were they swinging in the rain,
dreaming with Bing Crosby of a White Christmas
or Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly?
Anyway, they made me smile

From the Inside looking Out
A little while earlier,
I was on my annual pilgrimage
for a Christmas tree ornament
at one of my favourite places to shop,
the "Vermischte Warenhandlung".
The drizzle had changed to rain
while I was browsing the Christmas wonderland inside.
This charming old-fashioned general store takes you back
at least a hundred years, to really good old times, that is

Alfred Müller zum Jockey Club
Pedestrians rushing by,
inside, customers selecting tailor-made shirts,
oblivious to the pelting rain outside

Albertina Square
Rain was coming down hard now,
and it seemed as if all tourists had taken refuge
at Café Mozart. I had the exquisite shop windows
of Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe,
the venerable purveyor of Finest Fabrics,
all to myself!

The Sacher
Christmas trees line the block,
all along the Sacher building
Inside, at Café Sacher,
no doubt, festive air and good coffee

Images and Text © by Merisi

Vermischte Warenhandlung and Bookshop at Weihburggasse 16
Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe at Albertinaplatz
Café Sacher, Philharmonikergasse
Alfred Müller zum Jockey Club at Tegetthoffstraße 7
Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe starring in a Monocle film documentary about independent shopkeepers worldwide - Five testimonials against uniformity, don't miss it!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photographs of scenes that make me long to be there! I especially love 'from the inside looking out'.
    It has gone from freezing to merely cold with pouring rain in London too, scotching earlier hopes of a white Christmas, but I'm still dreaming!

    1. I confess I prefer pelting rain to dark high fog days. ;-)
      All the while dreaming of a White Christmas, though.

  2. Thank you for this old-fashioned Christmas mood and the finale with a der Regen Latte ;-)

  3. I like Vermischte Warenhandlung, too! Although, I think I prefer the fog to the drippy rain of the past two days.

  4. There is just something about European Christmas trees that seem so elegant and grand. I hope you get your white Christmas.

  5. What marvelous sights are available on a rainy day for a talented artist like you, Merisi. Hoping you found a wonderful bauble for your own tree, before heading outside again to capture those Christmas street scenes. How amusing is that giant coffee cup with the rain providing a shiny reflective setting!


  6. I love the coffee cup, it's adorable. I too am dreaming of a white Christmas on the other side of the world. We may get it if the weather reports remain the same, but for now it's lots of drizzle.

  7. I do love your captures for the day, Merisi! They really feed the Christmas spirit! We, too, are having a very gray, rainy, snowy day (more rain than snow), but it does make staying inside more desirable!! Hope your week is going well!

  8. Looks like giant ornaments near those trees.

  9. So beautiful, one day I hope to spend a Christmas in France! Here it's raining too, & I was just today noting the strangeness of hearing White Christmas on the radio...that song was my inspiration for moving to New England, years ago now...I wonder if you chose an ornament?

  10. Obviously the rain cannot dampen the Christmas spirit of the city.

  11. Oh, to be in Vienna at Christmas. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Those shop ornaments appeal to me!


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